BUDDY, Our Jack Russell, Ruined the Carpet to our Bedroom While My husband was in the Hospital

by Sue
(Southern Indiana)

We Have 3 dogs in our household. The oldest is a part Boxer, who lost one of his front legs due to a car accident. People have nicknamed him Tripod. Lol. Our second dog is a Miniature Greyhound/Terrier. Then Buddy "Adopted us" last year in Mid summer in the God Awful heat.

A couple of weeks ago my husband had to be admitted to the hospital due to heart failure. To make story shorter, we were away from home for almost 3 weeks. In the mean time our 18 Year old grandson took care of Grandpas dogs. They are like his children. Last week while waiting for a Pacemaker/Defibrillator(sp) to be implanted we stayed with our daughter close to the hospital so we brought our grandson, granddaughter and our little Miniature greyhound to be at my daughters. THIS resulted our BUDDY being by himself at the house. Well He tore up a 12"x18" area of carpet and padding to bare floor TRYING to get under our bed where he hides during storms or he gets upset. My Daughter closed our bedroom door when she came for the little greyhound. HE was so upset when we got home. My son came by to feed him and a neighbor let him out 2 times a day. But He also has chewed almost half the hair off his tail and sores from chewing all over his Back. We never thought this would happen. So using an ointment we have for pets w/nystatin in it. I'm ready to crush part of an antibiotic pill for him and maybe part of a nerve pill. Its so pitiful. Cant wait til he calms down. Any SUGGESTIONS Or COMMENTS? Sue

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