Bubbles w/ our Bunny "Pancakes"

by Dawn Brotzman
(Baltimore, Maryland)

Meet Bubbles & Pancakes

Meet Bubbles & Pancakes

This is Bubbles when she met our bunny "Pancakes" She wanted to chase her at first but now they are starting to get along. She likes to get in the cage and see what's going on in there. lol Pancakes tolerates her and looks for her when she is out of the cage. They are a cute couple. But I would never leave them alone together.

Dawn Brotzman
Baltimore, MD

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Apr 27, 2009
Your putting your bunny at risk
by: Anonymous

Bailey my JRT was raised with my dwarf bunny since she was a pup. The bunny even showed her who was boss when she tried to chase it, however after being allowed to hang out with other JRT bailey began to play a bit more rough. My ex left my rabbits cage open which he had seen me do numerous time. However no one had noticed my JRT slip into the cage. Since she had grown up with my rabbit she didnt know the diffrence between rough housing with a dog and it. One nip which would have been fine for another dog even gentle wounded my rabbits eye (just the surface) however it did stress the rabbit just enough to give it a heart attack. If you love both animals do the best for them keep them seperate because insticts in a JRT are very hard to break. Along with their playful nature they are to hyper to be around smaller animals.

Nov 05, 2008
Bunny Love!
by: Karen

That is so cute, I just love these little dogs.
They never surprise me. I think it's great that
they both get along, but I would leave them alone
either lol!

Jun 10, 2008
Very Cute!
by: Woodrow

These little guys are filled with so much character that they never fail to surprise you. Your puppy is very sweet and seems like she's good natured like ours . . . (just very curious). Hope they always stay this way! Good luck and thanks for sharing!

Jun 01, 2008
So Cute!
by: Stefanie

I love this picture! It's like she's knighting the rabbit but it doesn't really appreciate having it's forehead crushed. :) My dog likes to do this to the big toads in the area. She's figured out it makes them hop and that drives her nuts. I think that it's great that your having her get used to other species. It's inspiring. :)

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