by James
(Tulsa, OK)

In Memory of Brutus

In Memory of Brutus

My best buddy died 2\22\08, the saddest day of my life. I still cant believe he is gone. He filled a hole in my heart. I miss him so so much. All I want now is to have that friday back so I can save him.

My hearts still ache in sadness,

And secret tears still flow.

What it meant to lose you.

No one will ever know.

A Little Dog Angel

High up in the courts of heaven today a little dog angel waits;
With the other angels he will not play, but he sits alone at the gates.

"For I know my master will come" says he, "and when he comes he will call for me."

The other angels pass him by as they hurry toward the throne,
And he watches them with a wistful eye as he sits at the gates alone.

"But I know if I just wait patiently that someday my master will call for me."

And his master, down on earth below, as he sits in his easy chair.

Forgets sometimes, and whispers low to the dog who is not there.

And the little dog angel cocks his ears and dreams that his master's voice he hears.

And when at last his master waits outside in the dark and cold.

For the hand of death to open the door that leads to those courts of gold.

He will hear a sound through the gathering dark,

A little dog angel's bark.

In Loving Memory of (Brutus)
(1995) - (2-22-2008)

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Feb 28, 2008
by: amy f

I lost my jack 8 months ago, I still miss him everyday, I have a new one, little Ozzie that is on this site. He brings me so much joy. It does not seem like it now but it does get easier, your memories will never go away but they do it better try to get a copy of the poem the rainbow bridge. My vet sent it to me after Eddie was put down. It really hits home. Good Luck

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