by Michelle
(Humble, TX)

I have a male and a female Jack. My male is older (9). I have bred them once and had 4 gorgeous, healthy puppies. The next 2 heats, they would not breed. She was willing and very patient, but he wasn't able to do the deed. I don't understand. I know he can. What do you recommend?

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Nov 06, 2010
by: ScooterMama59

Howdy Michelle,
Thanks for the question from Texas. I would consider the following:
He is older and maybe isn't interested in being a daddy at this point. I would look for a younger stud that you are happy with and breed her with him. She is probably very happy with him, so see if you can bred her at the stud's house. That way he won't feel put off or not needed by her. He can still be a part of the picture when the pups are born, as having them play with a male is very helpful in their growth process.
The best to you and yours,
Stef, Belgium, JRT Lover from Texas!

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