by jackrussell


I wonder if you can help me?

Three years ago we purchased 2 Jack Russell's dogs from the same litter. We trained then well but really struggled with them as they used to fight a lot we was advised after 1 year that we should never of got 2 from the same litter. After 2 1/2 years the fighting between then got 2 much and we decided they needed separating as one then began peeing all over the house. 1t went yo my friends as is doing great, as is the one that stayed with us. I find that he is quiet protective over me so when the children want cuddles ect i always make sure if the dog is on my knee and make him get down 1st. He is good with other dogs when off the lead but can be snappy when on the lead. I have always been very careful with any dogs our family has had over the years around children as i think children around dogs can some times be a bad move and not worth the risk. Any way yesterday we had the children's friends over for tea and the dogs tea was on the side cooling (biscuits with warm water)when the kids all came in for tea. Without any warning the dog ran and bite a child's foot not just a snap he kept hold for a moment. It broke the skin and resulted in the child getting a jab at the hospital and a weeks anti bionics. The dog is now at my mums as i was so upset but now unsure what to do. One side of me thinks he must go and the other side thinks maybe he or we need training?????

Please Help

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