by Christine Rollins

My Jack Russel will lick,hug and kiss you to death when you enter the house.But as soon as you set foot towards the door to leave,he goes besirk and barks and bites you.It's embarrassing and he's too strong to hold back.Any idea how this can be remedied? I need help.


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May 12, 2010
Try a Water Spray
by: JRTs4ME

Try a fine water spray like a plant spray. It may help deter him but only do it when he behaves badly. It helps calm our JRT down but it might take some time for him to get the message. Our 3 yr old JRT bitch does the same, yes it's very embarrasing especially at someone else's house.

Jan 18, 2010
same here
by: stefanie

My JRT Penny does that too, but it's gotten better. She just hates being left at home. I put up baby gates at my front door. She's terrified of the gate because it fell on her once by accident (she wasn't physically hurt). I feel bad about it, but this has helped me keep her in the house and not running the streets. She also knows that there is nothing she can do when I leave now, so she just goes to the window where she knows she'll see me walking to the car.

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