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by Karina

Hi i have a 3 month old and I love him to bits, but he bites a lot and gets very aggressive when I tell him no. I took him to an dog behavior specialist and she explained to me about pack mentality and how he wants to be the alpha dog. We have tried everything at this stage but he is very stubborn and gives a lot of back chat. Please help!!

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Jan 26, 2009
Jack Russell and Biting
by: Anonymous

I have a mix Jack Russell and Beagle and my dog is also biting when she plays and gets very aggressive. I am worried that she is turning into a "mean" dog. I've tried the water, the training and right now a lot of outdoor exercise is not an option due to the weather. I need help.

Aug 24, 2008
Biting JRT
by: Mary-Harborview JRTs

I so disagree with the previous poster. Jacks were NOT BRED TO BE AGGRESSIVE!!!! this is totally incorrect. they were bred to be underground hunters, to find quarry and hold quarry, or in some cases kill small rodents. An AGGRESSIVE jrt is not a good thing. Aggressiveness is not tolerated by the standard. This is a dog that should be great with people in houses and then when it is hunting it should be tenacious with the varmint, NOT HUMANS.
Exercise your dog more. Give him an outlet for chewing. Raw (NOT COOKED) Marrow bones, knuckle bones. When he does bite, give out the loudest sharp OUCH you can muster, then say something like, No Bite, No teeth. This dog just needs boundaries not a behaviorist. They will end up drugging your dog. Start obedience lessons, agility or something to give your dog an outlet.

Aug 15, 2008
Response to Aggressive JRT
by: Anonymous

Dear Karina:

JRT's were bred to be aggressive, but this should be put into perspective. A squirt gun works well. A little squirt of water in the face and "NO"! is effective for aggressive behavior. Don't use it too often, or he will become used to it. Also, invest in a slip collar and leash and take your little guy for walks around the house (and outdoors) for both mental and physical exercise. Start teaching him to sit and other simple commands. Don't expect a lot at this age, but your dog will love the attention and mental challenge. The exercise will work off the aggression. JRT's are very smart and need things to do!

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