Biting, Puppy Nipping

by Lisa Revill

Bruce the Babe at 7 Weeks

Bruce the Babe at 7 Weeks

I have a 4 month old Jack Russell, he is very loving and very cleaver.

He sits, lies down and gives paw.

However I cannot get him to stop nipping!

He unless is tired constantly nips and bites and his teeth are very sharp.

I read somewhere that when he bites you need to ignore him or place him out of the room.

I have been doing both if he bites I ignore him, if he continues or is unusually eager to bite i take him out of the room to be on his own.

I have been doing this since we got the puppy at 7 weeks old. Yet he still has not learned!

Is there anything else I could try?

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Apr 26, 2011
Nipping my Grandson
by: Gwynne

I purchased a Jack Russell for my grandson for Christmas, he was about 8 weeks old. What can I tell my grandson about the nipping and gowling?

Jul 04, 2008
by: Mary-Harborview

Hi Lisa,

First thing I see is that the puppy was sold to you too young, 8 weeks old should be the very soonest a puppy should leave his litter and mom. This helps with the biting problem as when the puppies bite and nip each other the pup that is getting bitten usually yelps and then the biter realizes it is hurting the other pup. As well as the mom will correct the pup when it bites her. Also the breeder should be correcting this behavior. I start my corrections for nipping and biting, NOT by putting the puppy in another room or ignoring it. Ignoring a problem does not teach the puppy what is allowed and what is not. I make a very loud sharp 'OUCH" when nipped and as soon as the puppy stops you praise the puppy very quietly "gentle, good puppy". You need to get this behavior under control as your dog is getting to the age where the bites will get much more severe. He will start to use the biting to control people in the home. Again, use a very loud sharp "ouch" immediately when he nips.

Keep us updated on his progress. He is very cute.

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