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by Lisa
(Ohio, USA)

Meet Beanie

Meet Beanie

Meet Beanie. We got him from a rescue. He is 1 year old. Very hyper but we knew that before getting him! He is a good dog over all. He does love to play a little to much. He does do agility...FAST dog.

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Apr 08, 2008
Pure Bread?
by: Patty

I am wondering if this is a purebred Jack, do you know? We rescued our dog a few months ago. His name is Bruiser, he looks a LOT like Beanie except he has the body of a bull terrier and his head is large! He's all muscle - all 30 lbs of him is muscle. Bruiser is all white with a brown eye and ear and a lot of freckles (little black spots). Does this sound like your dog?

Mar 28, 2008
I Feel Your Pain
by: denise

I have a 10 year jack that looks just like yours!!! If they act anything alike, you're in for a few busy years. Get him a special type of ball called a wiggly giggly. It will take him way longer than normal to tear it apart. If you would like more tips and to trade pics of the wonder dogs - deniselmprice@yahoo.com

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