by Laurinda
(Gauteng, South africa)

My Jack Russel is a real Diva if she wants to be,and don't forget the drama queen she can be.Sometimes if i ask her what she is doing, I get this "it wasn't me - i am just sleeping" look.Or the better known as "aw..i am so-so tired" as she bats her eyelids at me.Usually she would feel even more sorry for herself if I join her in her little moment.I would pitch my voice a bit and say " you feel sorry for yourself,poor little thing...etc" she just loves the attention.

Bambie is so protective aswell but loves people,strangers or not.She loves taking my slippers and sticking her nose in them.She would push the slipper through the whole house while running.Sometimes i wonder how she does that without running into something.he he She loves the rain and would run up and down the yard and all you hear is her footsteps and splashes.

Sometimes we take her with when we visit my sister, she has a jack Russel as well named Russel.Bambie and Russel get along like a house on fire.The best place in the world to sleep would be on top of Russel.I know it looks a bit strange but Bambie really likes to sleep on top...he he.

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