by Aimee
(London, Ontario, Canada)

Bailey from London, Ontario, Canada

Bailey from London, Ontario, Canada

Meet Bailey,

She is an energetic 7 year old Jack Russell.

She lives in a small subdivision outside the city and loves to run around for hours hunting for squirrels (although she never catches them) and visiting the neighbors.

She sleeps all day while we are away in front of the low window upstairs facing the front of the house and when we pull in the driveway you can always see her wagging her tail in the window just waiting for us to come home. Of course then she always runs down the stairs to greet you. Shes very friendly, curious and intelligent. Bailey will do anything for a treat but her favorite tricks are roll over and dead dog. She will actually lay down on her side and play dead!

She loves to go for walks, its her favorite thing, you can't even mention the word without her ears perking up and her running to the door for someone to take her. Bailey's favorite game is fetch which she will play for hours until she gets tired. If she can't find anyone to play with, she will take her toy, head to the top of the stairs and let it fall down the stairs. She will then lay down at the top of the stairs stare at her toy until someone throws it for her, if they don't, she will go get in and do it all over again.

She is very loving and affectionate and like every Jack Russell, she loves to be the center of attention.

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Mar 27, 2008
Cute dog
by: Anonymous

Lucky for you Bailey doesn't catch squirrels - unfortunately my jack has caught a few in his time.

Mar 06, 2008
by: Marc Neveux

Bailey is absolutely gorgeous!

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