Bad JRT Dog

I have a possessive angry little dog. He will shy away from everyone but when far enough away from them turns around and comes attacking. He only likes one person that lives in the house, shows aggression to everyone else and barks at anyone walking into the house he is about 2 or so. We got him from a shelter 1-1/2 years ago. He has been this way since we got him but seems to be worse now. He has spells at times when he will just growl and show his teeth at other dogs, people, anything that moves, cars going by on the road, the wind, just about everything sets him off. He has a yard to run in and can go in and out anytime. What can I do to help get this dog to act better. If he gets worse I'm afraid he will need to be put down.

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Aug 27, 2008
Get Help Fast
by: Robyn

For the sake of your dog (and anything he comes in contact with) get some professional help fast! Find a trainer who understands JRTs, and be prepared for a battle!

Jacks are easily bored, prey oriented and possessive by nature. If they have had a hard life before you got them, they remember. If they accept you as the boss, they are wonderful, but for a small dog they can be as much trouble as a large angry animal.

My 11 month old puddin (female) has potential to be really "not nice" and I have been surprised by the battle of wills and ongoing effort it has been to train her that small and large animals, children and grown people are not prey to be hunted or enemies to be routed! The good news is, I am winning, and Boadie seems happier for being secure and knowing her boundaries.

Good luck, it ain't easy!

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