Are Jack Russells Trouble in the House

by victoria

Hi, I have heard that Jack Russells can cause alot of trouble in the this true?


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Hi Victoria,

Jack Russell's are smart dogs. They are bred to be hunting dogs, and have the behaviors and characteristics that you'd expect. The breed likes to explore the outdoors. Jacks also like to engage people, toys and other pets as they seek mental stimulation.

The worst thing you can do is leave a Jack alone day after day in an apartment. If you are home, can take your Jack for walks, and play with your Jack daily, they are great dogs. If you are looking for a dog to live in a small space with nothing going on, try another breed.

Jacks don't cause trouble in the house if properly trained in a loving household.

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Nov 28, 2007
by: Lisa

That is absolutly not true. I'm sure all the people who have said this to you have probably never owned a JRT because before I got my jack I heard all of it too. JRT's need love, attention and exercise just like any other dog. You would never buy a retriever and lock him or her in the house. My JRT is crate trained and stays in a pen when I'm at work. He loves me when I get home and lays with me on the couch a lot. He's a cuddler. He also plays and runs a lot when I take him to the dog park. I have found that it is all in the way you train the dog. If I get really playful with him then he will get hyper and it takes a little bit longer to calm him down than any other dog, but if I remain calm so will he. I have found this with all my friends who have JRT's and trust me I know a lot of them.

Nov 27, 2007
jack russells
by: Anonymous

Well this is my first Jack Russel
She has been trying my patience alot but no more than my son at an early age (they grow out of it)So with some guidance I `m sure she will too

Nov 27, 2007
In a word...
by: Pics & Tics

In a word...yes. But it's only when they are young. You must realize these breeds are more human than dog it would seem, or at least they think so. And you will tend to think so as well...they are just so full of personality!

But in another word? They are so worth it. My Annie and me go round and round about what I want her to do, and what she wants to do. But she is the most fun dog I've ever had. She's more like a sister than a dog and we argue, we laugh, and we contend for who is really the boss in this household...which is still up for grabs I think!

There's nothing like a Jack Russell...but unless you're up to it, don't get one, they'll try your patience to say the least. But I wouldn't have any other dog.


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