Are Jack Russell Really As Bad As Everyone Says?

by ryan

I am going to get a female jack russell puppy and was wondering if they are as bad as everyone keeps telling me! I have done my research and am aware of how energetic, smart etc. they are. I have a 4 year old female lab and am looking forward to getting my jack russell. Does anyone who actually owns a jack russell want to give me some good news about these dogs.

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Aug 10, 2011
Think twice!!
by: Anonymous

My boyfriend had a JR/Beagle mix, and a pure JR. They are pure terrors! They bark like crazy whenever anyone comes to the house, they bark every time he puts them in their crate when he leaves- and they have to go in there, because if left out, they chew anything and everything in sight! The mixed dog unfortunately passed away from acute renal failure a few months ago. Now Annie (the purebread) has calmed down slightly (they were always in competition with each other, we figured out), although she still is hyper and uncontrollable. She barks incessantly whenever my boyfriend hugs or kisses me, and won't allow me near him. She insists on sitting on his lap at all times, and again, shows her teeth, snarls and even has attempted to bite me, whenever I get close to her/them. Annie also jumps onto the kitchen table, counters, chairs, and anything else, to steal food. She has now learned how to get into the trash can, as well. You cannot take your eyes off of these dogs, or they will destroy something of value.

I know you posted your question a long time ago, but I hope you came to your senses, and did NOT get one of these awful canines. If you did, I hope you got it as a brand new puppy, and have spent tons of time and energy training and disciplining it. My boyfriend got his JRs as rescue dogs, and they came with a bunch of problems that he claims he doesn't have the time or energy to fix...(yes, I know a lot of this is his fault, hence my last statement).

RUN, do not walk away from this exhausting, demanding and self absorbed breed!!

Feb 01, 2008
I love them!
by: Anonymous

Be careful with the 2 females. I have a female and we adopted a cattle dog mix female, from the shelter. Needless to say I have had a few trips to the vet b/c my little angel decided to attack the other female. Males she seems better with but she has the Alpha personality either way. Realize they need alot of excercise, attention and sometimes they try to rule your world, my girl Gypsy is 10 and I love her to death but sometimes she pushes me! I have had JRs for 20 years, I love them but they can have "issues". Good luck!

Jan 30, 2008
they are great!!!
by: Melissa

Anyone who is loved by one, two or more jack russells knows full well that if they have been bred correctly, or trained to behave...there is no better dog than a jack russell. They get a bad name when people mistakenly think they are cute little, sweet they are hunting dogs and as such must have a "job" or something to do to get rid of some of their energy, By that I mean, taking a walk, playing frisbee, fetching a ball, swimming, hiking, or a myriad of dog sports...she will be great, enjoy her, love her.....

Oct 17, 2007
Not as bad
by: Bert

Jacks are fantastic dogs! Yes they go 0-60 m.p.h. but they also go 60-0! They art fantastic lap dogs and will sleep through the night with you. One warning Ryan- If you look at this blog you will see I had alpha problems with my first dog. She too is a Jack Russell- just give it at least 10 days for both dogs to show their colors.
But I will say that we have dog sat for another lab and every thing was 0k. And the fact it is a puppy might also be a great help.
Good luck

Oct 10, 2007
I love my JACK!
by: Lisa

Hello fellow jack lover! I received the same feedback when I told everyone I was getting a Jack Russell. I was told they are yappy, way too hyper and they never settle down. My Jack (Cliffton) is amazing. He watches TV with me goes for long walks by my side without running a muck and chasing after things. He is only 4 months old and everyone still keeps telling me, oh you wait he will change. Since I got him he is still the same dog. He loves to cuddle lay in bed and walks with me. I live in the city and take him to the park daily, after work for some play time with other puppies to get rid of this so called energy. He loves the time with the dogs, but most of all he loves to hang out with me and his dad. I did a lot of research on the breed before buying him and to get a Jack Russell to be obidient it does take a lot of hard work and affection. Since I got my Jack I have crate trained him which has taught him the value of having his own little home, a place for himself. I also put him into obidient school at 10 weeks which has taught him a lot, especially why he shouldn't bite and chew. PLease if you are going to purchase a jackie please do some research before buying her and then you will never regret your decision.

Oct 08, 2007
Good news!
by: Pics & Tics

Hi Ryan,

I've owned a boy and now a girl, Annie. And Annie is really high energy but I have never had more fun with a dog in my life!

She's very sweet, loves children, (loves everybody) but especially loves me.

But like I say on my site, they have a mind of their own. It won't be like you have brought a dog into your household, but a human with strong tastes and eccentric goals.

But you'll love every minute of it, even when it's hard because they are just so unique.

Have fun with her, and hey why not send us a pic when you get around to it, and tell us her most annoying or most endearing quirk you see in her so far.

Best of luck!

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