Alpha Problems of Jack Russell!

by Bert
(Hudson, FL)

I recently brought my 2 year old female Jack home a buddy. My husband works nights and she gets lonely during the day when we are at work and school. It seems a friend of mine had a 9 month old female Jack that needed a good home. Things went swimmingly for about 3 weeks. There was one squirmish but we thought it was to establish a pecking order. Things went OK for a week or so,then after about a month and a half, things started to get pretty ugly. Blood was being lost. Then one day they got into it to the point where my oldest Jack was gashed under the eye. Then after they settled down, my husband came out and petted both of them and the oldest lunged again! This time mistaked (I hope) my husband's knee and bit it!

Finally Sat. morning an all out blood bath occured and the puppy was bit in the foot. I spayed the pup and fixed her foot at the same time. My Vet is recommending an intervention much like the dog whisperer. My Question has any body else experienced this "All Jacked Up" behavior to this extent, and can we correct this with dilligence and keep my new puppy???

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Nov 07, 2007
2 Females
by: GeminiK9

Having 2 adult females is definately a problem. You will probably better off placing the new dog. If that's not an option you are committed to keeping them separated at all times. As my trainer says, they don't call them bitches for nothing. They will fight to the death if given the chance. Sorry not to have better news, a "dog whisperer" will do you no good. JMHO

Nov 02, 2007
This is a tough one
by: Pics & Tics

Hi Bert,

I apologize for taking so long to answer. I did post an answer to your question soon after you posted, but evidently it was not posted (technical error)and I only discovered it today.

This is a tough one. You might try you and your husband taking a dog apiece and sitting on the couch close together. Be casual, watch tv and as you sit there stroke your dog. Then reach over and stroke your spouse's dog as he strokes your dog.

Each of you keep one hand close to the collar. If at any point a dog lunges at the other, grab the collar and force the dog back onto its position on your lap and say a firm "NO".

Repeat these steps for perhaps an hour at a time, but always exchange dogs each time. Do this until the dogs realize you are equally affectionate to both of them, AND that you will not tolerate these battles.

The thing about Jack Russells is that they are so territorial over their owners. I think when you got the new dog, the older dog might see the new dog as a threat to his position. He sees you as belonging to him and he must kill the threat to you, and to his territory.

Or it could be vice-versa and the new dog has claimed you as his own. Or, both feel this at the same time.

In any case, sounds rather serious.

I also suggest a professional dog whisperer as I am no professional. It may be too late for my suggestions above as the situation may have escalated since your last post.

I hope not, and I hope you will let us know if it has been resolved.

Best of luck to you.


Oct 17, 2007
Alpha Problems
by: George

If she keeps the puppy, I think it will take a dog whisperer at this point, don't you agree?

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