Aggressive Jack Russell

by Randal
(Fairmont, WV, USA)

I have a 3yr old Female Jack Russell who is always attacking my 14yr old Eskimo Spitz, Im afraid she's gonna kill her one of these day's ..........How can I stop this, If I cant find a way to do this soon Im gonna have to get rid of The Jack Russell and I don't really want to................Please Help ! ! !

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Mar 21, 2010
Aggressive Female Jack Russell
by: Randal

I think its because she's Jealous of the other dog's..............She can just be walking by them and all of a sudden she attacks the older dog.........Ive been told to try a shock collor and Zap her 1 good time when she attacks the older dog's..............I dont really wanna spend the money for a Shock collor unless it will break her of this...........She Attacked the oldest dog the other day and bit her on the Snout and Above the eye and had her bleeding...........Im at Wit's end with this dog..........Ive never owned a Dog this Bull-Headed or Stupid before

Mar 17, 2010
Jack Attack!
by: Anonymous

Be sure your Jack has enough exercise and if that doesn't work, since they don't seem to be a pack, put a muzzle on the Jack when he's with the other dog, he will get the message. They should be walked together if the old dog is capable. Or, keep them separated. Does he get aggressive bkus of food or some other thing?

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