Aggressive Dog Behavior

by Ria Visser
(Nelspruit, Mpumulanga, South Africa)

Reader Question: Why Is Our Female Jack Destroying Things?

Our female is a year old and she suddenly is destroying all her blankets and cushions. I just don't know what more to put down for her to sleep on and the winter is approaching fast.

Ria Visser

Vet Suggestions for Dealing With Aggressive Jack Russell

Hi Ria,

Your best bet is probably to move away from blankets, cushions, and other fabrics as bedding since your dog has developed a “taste” for them. The most important aspect of a winter bed is that it lifts her up off of the cold floor or ground. A raised sling-type bed made out of plastic piping and a tough mesh will accomplish this and may be different enough from her current bedding that she won’t want to chew it. If she needs extra protection from the elements you could also outfit her in a doggie sweater or coat.

Best of luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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