Aggressive 5 year old Jack

by Crystal
(Orillia Ont)

My Jack has recently developed an aggressive behavior, I ended a relationship and My self and my 5 year old Jack (Tonka) moved. Sense the move Tonka has attacked any one he does not know that enters MY home, I don't even know where to start to change this behavior Tonka is a very dominate Jack he runs our house and as he gets older i have realized i do not want to live this way with him.

If i discipline him he will Pee on me or in the house deliberately to show that he is the boss.
he had also developed the behavior to scratch his ear till it bleeds to get attention.
I have realized that Tonka is spoiled and that i am the problem as him and i grow together i see how much work he is and the troubles we are having are only getting worse by the day, if i do not correct this aggressive behavior im worried i will have to put him down :(
How do i become the pack leader to take control of this situation so Tonka and i can live together peacefully?

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Dec 19, 2010
Aggressive Jack
by: Crystal

I had Tonka fixed back in August and unfortunately that did not help with his aggression sense he was fixed he has gotten ever more aggressive, i will have to put a mussel on him to be able to take him out in public, Thank you for your tips keep them coming i could use all the help i can get.

Dec 18, 2010
by: ScooterMama59

Listen, it's not a hopeless situation and you can re-set this dog--- literally.
First you will need the following, a lockable kennel box, sturdy gloves and lots of heart.

When he starts this negative behavior, put your gloves on and pick him up. Look him straight in the eyes and make sure that he looks back at you, and with a very firm voice tell him "NO" we don't do that.
Then put him directly in the locked kennel box for 5 minutes. Each time that he does this do the same thing and add one minute to the 5 for each trip. He'll get the message, BUT you must continue to do this, without fail, everytime he misbehaves. YES, he thinks that he is the boss, but NO--you are! So, you must reestablish that to him.
Also, if he does not respond to the above (after a few days) you must do the following:
Put on your handy gloves, when his behavior is wrong, pick him up, and again make eye contact and use your firm voice, then place him on his back gently and hold him there until he looks right at you and stops trying to get away. He needs to know that you are the BOSS and this works well when the first one doesn't. Then put him back in the locked kennel box for 5 minutes and again adding a minute to each offense.
This can take anywhere from one day to 3 weeks to change this negative behavior.
He is barking at others who visit because he feels you need protected. Pick him up and do the same thing for the barking then place in kennel. This breed is very smart and resourceful. They like having control when they feel threatened or that others are letting them have that control.

I would not give up on him so quickly, but know that you can "fix" this problem.
Putting him down would be a poor choice. If you just can't deal with this I would suggest a professional trainer or give him up to a rescue that takes Jack Russels. They would know how to deal with him and correct the problem.
Also, after you get the above under control, please walk him outside around adults, kids, and other animals (even if you have to muzzel him). He needs more socialization and be able to deal with his fears right now.
Wish I lived near you and I could help more.
Please let me know how things go and be STRONG!

The best to you and your poochie,
Stef, Belgium, JRT Lover from Texas!

Dec 17, 2010
I feel your pain!
by: Sarah

Reading your post I could relate to how you feel! Is your Jack neutered?
I have a 1-yr-old Jack who has been very sweet and loving until he bred our female Jack and then he turned into this territorial/aggressive "hot shot" male with small dog complex! He now growls at me whenever he feels fit and for no reason. He has tried to bite me so many times now that I cannot even keep track, luckily I have been quicker than him. He has this imaginary switch that can turn on or off at any time. We just recently had him neutered a couple of days ago and I am really hoping that after the 2-3 week time period that it takes to get all the hormones out of his body that he will go back into that sweet loving dog we once had! At this point he rules the roost because I am afraid of being bitten. I hate walking on eggshells around a dog, but he has me slightly afraid of him. If I come up with anything good I will definitely pass it onto you! Good Luck!!

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