Aggresive biting

by Lexie
(New Zealand)

Hi, how do i stop my 14 week old jack russell from biting?

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Mar 14, 2011
biting Skooch dosen't anymore but Kutter is bad
by: Anonymous

I use this training technique...
never hit or grab them when they are biting...say oooww! loud and pull your hand away and maby cross your arms and turn away from the offending puppy...keep your biteable parts away from him and dont play or reward him for biting in any way! he will soon get the idea that people are soft on the outside and won't tolerae a biting puppy. I sometimes ask him to give kisses instead and lately he will do this if reminded! Skooch learned this really fast...less than 3 month till she stopped biting at all... Kutter is male and a bit more difficult but he is learning...been at it 6 months now and he still needs reminders, but is noticably better!

Sep 22, 2010
Mine was the same
by: natasha

I have a 2 year old jack russell and when she was a pup she would always bite u, not in an agressive way but playfully, but it does hurt.
she just kind of grew out of at as she got older, but to help i bought her lots of toys and we used to play games which burns off some energy and helps you bond.
i also have a jackapoodle, so when they became friends, i was replaced.

Aug 18, 2010
He just can help to bite my hands
by: Olan

He just can help to bite my hands he's only 3 years old. playfull but it hurts :) my E-mail es:

Aug 16, 2010
by: Allison

I have a 20 week old JRT and when you find a good way to stop biting please let me know. I know he is playing but goodnes those pinch bites hurt. My email is

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