Adventures of Sassy the Jack Russell

by Dan Engelmohr
(Las Vegas, NV)

Sassy Getting Ready to Travel

Sassy Getting Ready to Travel



A little Lhasa Aspo from Nampa, Idaho

Especially dedicated to my Aunt Judi who the Lord took
away in May of 2000
My Mom, who with her love and understanding continues to teach me, each day,
This story of my life is in my words and written for me by my Daddy. I am too little to type

The Lhasa Apso is a breed of dog that originated in the country of Tibet, which today is part of China. In 1930 Suydham Cutting brought Lhasa’s to the United States.
What makes a Lhasa Apso? In a word, “Tibet”. There are four recognized Tibetan breeds. Of these, the Lhasa Apso most clearly displays the “Made in Tibet” stamp. Lhasa’s are capable of living very high altitudes up to 16,000 feet. Lhasa’s were used as guard dogs inside the Tibetan’s tents
Lhasa’s are gay and assertive but cautious of strangers to fulfill their function as a guard dog. With their intimate friends they can be extremely sensitive, affectionate and playful.
Lhasa’s are small dogs that stand about 10 to 11 inches at the shoulders. The Lhasa’s function as an indoor sentinel would suggest a handy size. The Tibetan environment has been the major force in producing this remarkable, tough little dog.

The Country of Tibet

Tibet is a province-level administrative region of China located in a high mountain area in the southwestern part of the country. It is officially called the Tibet (Chinese Xizang) Autonomous Region (TAR).
Throughout its long history, Tibet at times has governed itself as an independent state and at other times has had various levels of association with China. Regardless of China’s involvement in Tibetan affairs, Tibet’s internal government was for centuries a theocracy (state governed by religious leaders), under the leadership of Buddhist lamas, or monks. In 1959 the Dalai Lama (spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism and at that time the head of Tibet’s internal government) fled to India during a Tibetan revolt against Chinese control in the region. China then took complete control of Tibet, installing a sympathetic Tibetan ruler and, in 1965, replacing the theocracy with a Communist administration.
Chapter 1

The Beginning

I guess I should start at the very beginning of my life so that you will know the whole story.
I was born in Nampa, Idaho in June of 1997. I was happy as a baby and my parents were nurturing to me. I had three brothers and a sister. I was the fifth born and the smallest of the litter.
In July 1997, my sister and brothers started disappearing, and soon I was the only one left. On Sunday of the week my sister and brothers left home a beautiful lady arrived. She picked me up and cuddled me and I could tell right off that I was going to like this lady. She took me from the home I was born in. Holding me, she got into what I would later learn to be a car. The man with this lady would reach over and pet me. I could tell that he was nice also. Although I was frightened I could sense that these strange people meant me no harm and soon I was sleeping in the lady’s arms. My life had really just begun.
Soon we arrived at what would become my new home. This home was much different then the one I was born in. This house was on wheels and was so high.

Chapter 2
My Education Begins
Mom teaches me to be good

My first name was Honey because mom thought I had the color of honey. But one day during my training I barked at mom and she said I was being Sassy. So today my name is Sassy Honey Engelmohr. Mom was really patient with me. She taught me to potty outside and eat my dinner, take my vitamins and to do what was asked of me. Mom was kind and helped me to learn and she was so proud of just how quickly I learned.

We also started going for a lot of rides. They were short but I was learning to ride in Dad’s truck and Mom’s car and not get sick. I love riding around and was interested in everything I could see out the windows. I learned later that the riding around in the car and truck had a purpose as dad had a job that required us to travel all over. That is why our house has wheels; no matter where we are I was always home each night.
Being the baby of the house Mom and Dad enjoyed spoiling me with toys and treats, especially when I was good.

In my story I would like to tell you of my travels and the places I have been and all the things I have had the opportunity to see. Today I am four years old and have traveled over 100,000 miles; Dad says that is four times around our planet earth. Later in my book I will tell you about each state and province I have visited. First let me tell you their names, Idaho, Montana, Washington,
Oregon, Utah, Nevada, California, Arizona, Texas, and Alaska. I have also traveled in the Provinces of Alberta, British Columbia and the Yukon Territory of Canada. Each of my travels has a different story for you. I will tell you about each place so that you too can learn from my travels.
So I will now get on with my story and sincerely hope you enjoy reading about a little dog and her travels.
Chapter 3
The Capital of Idaho is Boise
The State were I was born

Nampa is a small town just west of Boise, which is the capital of Idaho. Nampa is a farming community and farming is one of the main industries of southern Idaho. We have all heard of Idaho’s famous potatoes.
Idaho is primarily a mountainous state; much of the state is covered by the Rocky Mountains. Northern Idaho industries are wood products and mining of mineral resources. The central part of Idaho is called the primitive area and the southern part of the state is called Snake River plain.
Mom and Dad were staying in a large RV park in the small town of Eagle while Dad’s aircraft modification team worked on the Idaho National Guard Helicopters at the Boise airport.

Before going to Idaho, Mom and Dad had been assigned to Fairbanks, Alaska, which I will tell you more about later in my book. While in Fairbanks Mom and Dad had parked our trailer by a lake and the family next door had a small dog that fell in love with Mom. The dog’s name was Jasmine and, unknown to Mom at that time, was a Lhasa Apso. It came time for Mom and Dad to return to the lower 48 that is what residents of Alaska call the rest of the states since they are not connected to Alaska. Anyhow upon their return and assignment to Boise Mom mentioned to Dad how much she really missed Jasmine. You see, Jasmine would spend all day with Mom and some nights and they had become great friends. So Dad called the family in Alaska that owned Jasmine to ask what kind of dog Jasmine was and they told him that Jasmine was a Lhasa Apso. Wanting to please Mom, Dad went in search of a puppy for Mom. Not just any puppy, it had to be a Lhasa Apso. At the beginning of my book I told you about Lhasa Apso’s so you can appreciate how difficult it was going to be for dad to find one. After making many calls and not having any luck, one Sunday morning Dad was looking in the want ads of the local newspaper in the pet section. There was an ad for Lhasa puppies. Without Mom knowing Dad called and asked if there were any Lhasa puppies still available. The young lady said that they had all been sold but one and that one was supposed to be sold at noon that day. Dad told the lady to please call him if the people did not show up for the puppy. Dad was concerned because the chances of getting a Lhasa puppy for Mom were getting slimmer each day. However luck was on his side that day. At one o’clock the lady called and said that the people who had wanted the last puppy had not shown up and if he was still interested he could have the last one. This is when I came into Mom and Dad’s life. You see I was the last puppy.

Because Mom and Dad traveled with his job they enjoyed visiting the interesting sites of each state they traveled to. In southern Idaho there were many opportunities for them to visit the wonders of Idaho. Let me say this about the state I was born in, it is a beautiful state, from the mountainous regions in the northern and central part of the state to the flat lands in the southern part. This is my home state and it is beautiful and filled with wonderful places to visit. Mom, Dad and I have traveled to see the Snake River Canyon, the Craters of the Moon, where for miles is nothing but volcanic lava stones, also the mining and logging areas of the north. We have traveled all over the state and I enjoyed seeing how beautiful Idaho is.
Idaho is called the Gem State, I guess from all the mining in the north, but most of you will know my state for the famous Idaho potatoes.
If you get the opportunity to visit my home state, take the opportunity to visit the whole state. Traveling from northern Idaho to southern Idaho you must actually travel into another state because of the primitive area in the central part of the state that allows no motor vehicles. In the west you travel into the State of Washington and in the east you must travel into Montana. This is my home state and I hope you have enjoyed learning about it.
These are some of the interesting facts about Idaho.

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Dec 13, 2007
by: Pics & Tics

This is the great fun of having a website... meeting and hearing such wonderful people with such wonderful stories.

Dan, thank you so much for Sassy and her incredible adventure. It's so much better seeing things through her eyes.

I hope all will follow Dan's link to read the rest of Sassy's stories. You won't be sorry and will enjoy them as much as I did I know.

Great work Dan! And give Sassy a hug for me.

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