A Sad Day

by Liz
(Kimberling City, Mo)

I have 7 jacks, the mother the father and the kids. I know you are asking yourself why not sell them... well I thought about it then as time went on and they got older I figured that time has come and gone, so long story short I have them all. Friday evening as I was feeding them I noticed that Bolt (the daddy) seemed to be getting thin, but other than that I did not see any obvious signs of sickness. Looking back over the last few months however I now suspect he might of had Cushings syndrome, there were subtle changes that I mistook as simply him aging but now I suspect the other. So going forward to Saturday, I was gone for the day the dogs were safe in their 450 enclosure with 10 x10 kennel, both food and water available and at their disposal. Upon returning that evening the first thing I noticed was the silence, Bolt was my barker he always let me know when I got home he wanted some attention, but tonight it was silent. I thought to myself, perhaps he has finally decided that mom doesn't like all the barking and has given up on that as a means to beacon me to him. Since It was getting about dark I quickly grabbed some more food and treats and headed downstairs to the backyard. Now I have to tell you when you have 7 it takes a few minutes to notice when one is missing but ultimately I did realize Bolt was absent. My first instinct was to call him with the promise of a cookie, no response. I went into the kennel but the light overhead had burnt out, but I could see one of the males nosing something like it would say a dead squirrel, my heart was racing, I ran upstairs to grab my flashlight and ran back downstairs to the kennel. As I pointed my dim flashlight to the middle of the kennel where the other dog had been, I saw Bolt, he was lying on his back and side his head hanging down between the blankets I had so carefully placed in there for them so they could rest comfortably. Even with my dim flashlight I could see his legs were red it appeared they had been bitten. I could see no movement in his abdomen. I knew he was gone, and I could not make myself investigate any closer I didn't want to see what I knew had happened. My boyfriend came over the next morning and confirmed what I already knew, he was gone, but he said it had almost appeared to him he had been shot with a shotgun, but we knew better, he had been attacked by the others. When I first got to the back yard I remember noticing the large basin of water I had filled was empty and the concrete immediately around that area wet. I remember thinking that was odd as I filled it, still unaware of Bolt and his condition. Later I would find out from Jamie that Bolt was not only mauled but was soaking wet. What I suspect had happened was, he had some type of seizure and perhaps fell in or near the basin and nature took over, this caused a frenzied like situation and Bolt my mild mannered boy was attacked. After being attacked he somehow managed to walk the 6-7 feet between the water basin and the kennel door and simply laid down. At this point his little body could not bear the pain any longer and shock took over and finished the job my other dogs had started. I have second guessed myself and said why didn't I know he was sick, and wished I would have or should have know to separate him from the others but I did not. Looking for an answer I have searched the Internet and I have read this is nature and as awful as it sounds to us, to them they did no wrong, but when I look at them I see killers and wonder who will fall victim next.

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