A Poem About My Jack Angel

by Charlotte Withington
(Essex, UK)

My Angel

My Angel

Off she runs

to chase a bird.
I call her back
but she never heard.

I see her in the distance
a tiny little dot.
The birds now gone
but she's jumping, the lot.

On she charges
thinking she's tall.
I'd hurt her feelings
if I told her she's small.

Eventually she comes back
her tail between her legs.
She didn't catch the bird
"don't laugh" she begs.

I'm walking her home now
she's still quite low.
Don't worry I say
You will catch him tomorrow.

We have just got home
the mail man arrives.
She barks him away
and looks at me with pride.

Aren't you proud?
Her eyes seem to say
I scared him off!
That's one job today.

"As for that bird,
tell him I will be back,
nobody escapes me,
because I'm a little Jack!"

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Jan 06, 2011
Lovely poem
by: Anonymous

This is a really lovely poem..... but perhaps you need get out more? Just a suggestion.

Dec 21, 2008
Pure Jack Russell
by: Anonymous

This little Jack Russell sounds like she really enjoys life and wants, as they do, to get the most out of her day. Its a new game and mission with them all the time. Bet she has caught her bird by now and on to the next very important task, to prove that she is a brave and worthy of her name, BIG little Jack Russel.

Great poem!

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