A missing piece

On october 24,2011...., today currently being 1.17.12.

On october 24 2011 my ten year old best friend died. His name was "nomie " i had him since birth im 11 currently.Nomie was a jack restle terrier who sufford from a broken leg.I came home from school on October 24.2011 my parents told me he would no longer be with us i exploaded in tears.My best friend had died.I asked my mother what happend my father told me that nomie got hit by a car by a recless driver.

I am currently bursting out in tears im home alone i helped barry my bestfriend and gave him a very special teddy bear i had gotten a while back.
i had gotten two one a boy one a girl i gave him the girl and said it was me i kept the boy and i say it is him. i put one of my best friends old shirts on it and his collar.

I always knew what people say "bad things happen for a good reason" but there was no reason so I will never believe that ever again.

But i do believe "they take the pretty ones first" but in his case the handsome ones.
my buddy is in a better place where there are no cars and one day i hope to see him in heaven too.
i have another dog that i had just got before nomie past and my new dogs name is"big " he is an american bulldog and <3's to run away but nomie didnt so i dont know why he did. but every time a car comes by i look to make sure "big" is still here.Everything is reminding me of "nomie" but i try to keep it inside but it always slips out. he is my missing piece and i promised him i would never ever forget about him and that i will tell my kids one day about him and my grand kids....etc.

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Jan 30, 2012
a missing piece
by: aj

I'm so sorry for your pain, it's never easy losing anyone we love. I live on a very busy street and always worry about my jack getting hit too. You will be ok, it does take time to heal from our wounds of a broken heart. You won't ever forget nomie ever but one day you will remember with fond memories that will last a lifetime. I'm sure "big" is a great comfort to you and brings you lots of joy. Don't hide your pain for nomie talk to your parents, friends or anyone who'll listen about how you feel. Write it down on paper then read it and throw it away. Life is not easy, there is a lot of pain but so much more love and happiness, look to the good always keep your chin up and good things will come and happen for you, ok? There's a reason for everything in life just keep your head up ok? Take care, and enjoy and love your dog, big.

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