A Meal Fit for a Jack

by Anonymous Contributor
(Maryland, United States)

Our family has two JRT's, Tiki who is 2 years old and Toby who is about 8 years old, (he was a rescue). This story my co-workers love and anyone who knows the Jack, knows exactly what the scene of the crime looked like and exactly how unapologetic they were. My son Tim, who was about 15 years old at the time, got home from school at 2:10pm, (earlier than the rest of the family), his first task was to walk the Jacks and play with them, which he did diligently. One weekday afternoon, on my way home from work I was calling the house to check on the progress of the post school activity with the Jacks. No answer. Hmm. I thought, maybe he is outside with them still.

I arrived home at 4:45pm to discover that Tim was not home and there was a note, "Gone to play basketball, back later". This was okay with me, in this kind of situation Tim always crated the Jacks in their own crates and they were safe and out of harms way or mischief until Mom or Dad got home. Well............in this case, for some reason, Tim decided to leave them to their own devices, in THE KITCHEN.

You Jack owners know, right now, something was going on! I walked in, they had opened the fridge (we know now that it was Tiki, since we have seen her do it countless times, she puts her nails between the rubber seal and pops the door open). EVERYTHING was on the floor in the kitchen, they had eaten all the edible goodies on the bottom two shelves, including cooked steaks, a packet of cheese slices, some tomatoes were tried but discarded. The bacon, the butter (ugh), everything. Being Jacks, that was not enough. They had started on the condiments on the shelves in the door. Ketchup was squeezed out and somehow, a jar of olives was opened and gone. Gone. What Jack eats Olives?

Fortunately, they suffered no ill effects from their smorgasbord visit, but it reminds me of being a child in England. The distressed owner of a JRT calls the vet to get advice because her Jack has just gulped down a dead sparrow, the vet, a Jack owner himself, responds, "May I suggest an Orange Sauce with that". Gotta love those Jacks!

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