A Jack Russell I Rescued About 5 Yrs Old

by Elaine Kelly
(Staten Island, NY USA)

He is adorable! However, he was neglected, left 13 hours a day in a crate. He was going crazy. He was never neutered and lifts his leg on everything. I have been holding him and take him out every day to play in the park with my two other dogs, a Bichon and Yorkie.

I notice Jake, wants all of me. I never saw such a loving devoted little dog. However I have two of my own who also love me. If I keep this dog, he must not keep picking his leg up, and I am not sure he wont take over. He may get aggressive towards my other dogs.

Can you offer any advice? I am going to have him neutered, but worry he may be damaged? Not ever being trained, or given enough love. Can he be helped? I do like him very much. He loves me already. It is very sad...

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