8 year old jack russell with severe socailization problems

by Scott
(Georgetown,DE, U.S.)

My name is Scott and I have a Jack Russell and my fiance has 2 pomeranians. My dog has not really ever been around many other animals so I took him to a 2 week school and the trainer pretty much said there is no chance for these 3 dogs to get along. My jack is ok with bigger dogs but with smaller dogs he bites and when he latches on to another dog he does not let go at all. The trainer had to physically pull him off the other small dog. He said he has no concept of us being alpha. I know this is my fault with the lack of training but is there anything I can try or do to help him socialize with other small dogs without wanting to seriously hurt them or is it too late because he is 8 years old. Any advice would be muchly appreciated. Thank you

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