7 Year Old Jack Russell Schnauzer Mix Can't Swallow

by Josh
(Chicago, IL )

Reader Question: Jack Russell Weird Behavior after Taking Revolution

My Jack Russell schnauzer mix terrier can't swallow liquid or food and is lethargic and seems to be in pain when he tries to eat, his head pulls backwards as if in a spasm. He had Revolution applied two weeks ago and one week ago had a 10 day antibiotic injection along with a long acting cortisone injection.


Vet Responds to Reader Question Concerning Weird Canine Behavior

Hello Josh,

If you haven’t already brought your dog in to the veterinary clinic, you should do so immediately. His symptoms are very worrisome, and it sounds like his is suffering. His inability to swallow could indicate that he has a foreign body lodged in his mouth or throat or he might have mass of some sort in the same location. Whatever the cause, it needs to be addressed immediately.

I do not think the Revolution has anything to do with his symptoms. You did not mention why he received the antibiotic and steroid injections. Were they given to address his difficulty swallowing? If so, they do not seem to be working and your dog needs to be rechecked ASAP.

Best of luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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Jun 16, 2014
Exactly what my 6 yr old Jack had!!!
by: Dorothy

I too noticed my Jack Russel Schnauzer mix could not swallow after having Revolution, a cortizone injection and antibiotic injection. He has extreme skin allergies and lots of ear infections during the hot humid summers.

But now I noticed he started doing this same thing without any of the medications. I looked in his mouth and was shocked at the tooth loss and his gums were receding. I knew he needed to have his teeth cleaned, but my fear is he will die from the anethesia. Have 4 people I know that had TWO! die getting teeth cleaned! And one vet was honest and said he had two dogs die from teeth cleaning.

So now I give him a benedryl tablet to stop itching and the benedryl also seems to help with his inability to lean his head down to eat.

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