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5yr Old With Hard Lump On Lower Belly

My 5yr old bitch who is quite possibly pregnant (planned) has developed a small hard lump on her lower stomach it doesn't seem to bother her in any way or doesn't seem to cause any discomfort sort of looks like a sticky out belly button is this possibly something to do with pregnancy she is due in about 10-12 days.

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Aug 24, 2008
5 yr old Preg. with lump
by: Mary-Harborview JRTS

Well haven't heard anything from you. wondering did she have pups or not? Why would you leave a bitch in heat along with a male while you were gone? And a bitch with prick ears being bred??? Did you do any genetic testing at all? BAER or CERF test, brucellosis testing? Why didn't you have her spayed after the first mistake?

Jul 22, 2008
Lump on belly
by: Mary-Harborview

So, did she have her pups yet? How is she doing? Any news on the lump? Hopefully all is well.

Jul 11, 2008
by: MARY

First let me say this> Taking a dog to a vet for something that is not normal is not a waste of money. You could be saving more money now then waiting till it is really complicated or in your case complicating a whelping. You could end up spending a lot more money later or maybe even losing your dog and the puppies. Why would you want to take that chance with your dog??? And be sure a physical by the vet for this lump would not endanger the pups if she were pregnant. They do know what they are doing, actually more than someone that has "grown up on a farm or in the country with working dogs". You actually asked the question so I take it you are not sure what it is. What do you mean "it could be gristle". Please explain that medical condition to me. I've been an emergency/critical care vet tech for over 18 years and never, never never heard that one.
And one more question, why did you breed this dog. You say she is small. The standard of the jack russell terriers is 10-15" tall to the shoulder. If your dog measures 15" to the shoulder she is not small.

Jul 08, 2008
Adding to My Original Enquiry
by: Anonymous

Sorry my blond mistake she will be due 11/12/13th July and when i say I'm not 100% she's preggers is this will be her 2nd litter (and her last bloomin thing plays me up as much as my 3yrold funny tho they are just partners in crime ) , but the first litter she didn't really show that much until the last 4-5 days as she is only tiny herself 14-15in high floor to top of back sticky up ears most people say she looks more like a fox cub but to my utter amazement thinking she would have 2-3max she had 5 all good and healthy she looks preg when she's sitting down but standing just looks like she's just had her dinner and crazier than ever killing birds/mice and whatever she can catch and the day the father of these elusive pups was bought round i had to go out as my stepdad has throat cancer and he decided he was going to celebrate his 50th a year early morbid i know but i didn't get back till late that evening and so i really don't know if they did or not my personal felling about the lump is its a bit of gristle just more concerned that a vet poking her around while in pup may be more harm than good in these late stages im not a expert on dogs but i have grown up in the country and all-ways had working dogs as well as spaniels and deerhound so to be blunt about it I didn't want to waste money and stress the dog out going to a vet at this stage when i doubt very much they would be able to do anything about this lump until after she's had them anyway which is what i will do . and also didn't know if anyone with a jr bitch has had similar thing or with a dog for that matter. But thank you for replying to my enquiry .

Jul 02, 2008
by: mary-harborview

I would not hesitate another moment in getting her into the vet asap. It could be nothing, but then again it is not normal so it could be something that needs to be taken care of immediately. You say she is about 10 days to whelping, but you still are not positive she is pregnant?????? You should definitely be able to tell by now. CALL YOUR VET IMMEDIATELY AND GET HER INTO TO SEE THEM. KEEP US POSTED.


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