4 month old JR girl just wont?

by cheryl

ok so my baby girl jersey is only 4 months old..i have 2 questions..she is finally potty trained and goes to the door when needed out..now she has been going on her own for awhile then recently will not go outside without me..why is this? and my second question is she is brave enuf to run up and down the stairs with no issue but she will not jump up on the couch.she just stands there wining till i pick her up..shes not a shortie but also isn't a long legged..kinda in the middle..i know that if she actually got a run at it she could do it..but she wont.

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Feb 01, 2011
Your jr Girl
by: Dixie

Mine girl did the same thing.. she is just like a 4 year old child ..it gets better.i promise. Going out side is scary if she just started going good... go out there with her for about 3 weeks and talk to her like go pee pee hurry up its cold out here.talk to her like a 4 year old child.like you would potty train a child you talk to her the same way...then she will go on her own . and the couch thing... just keep telling her come on .. keep a blanket there with you and she will start comming mine started getting on the couch with me by her self about 5 or 6 months.. i keep a blanket there so i can cover her up...Hope this helps..

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