15, 16, 17..and still counting the JRT

by Precious Mary R. Rico
(Baguio City, Philippines)

Hi my name is Precious Rico, I live in the Philippines.I'm a dog lover, actually my family and I own 17 dogs..and 3 cats..and I would like to share my story with you.

My family loves dogs so much, and when I think about it real hard. I remember our first three dogs were street dogs. Our first dog was given to us when I was about a year old. I remember how playful he was. His name is Casper, my sister named him after “the friendly ghost”. Our second dog was a girl, her name is Sweetie. Well, we just named her that because when you say “shake hands” she will lift her paw, and that is really sweet and cute. Our third dog is Jungo Jr. named after his father Jungo Sr. I guess he was the mixed breed. His mother was a street dog and his father was a German Shepherd. So after how many years we moved in to a new house and still we brought them there. My sister was the first one to graduate high school, so when she graduated, she asked my dad, if she could get a puppy for her graduation gift. So my father agreed and we went to Manila and to Robinsons Galleria. There we bought our first house dog. His name is Waffle. He’s a Shih Tzu, I remember that Waffle was the spoiled one. We bought him everything. From boots, shampoo, clothes, cage, food and water bowl to cologne and many more accessories. After how many months we noticed that Waffle was lonely because he was a house dog, so most probably we can’t mix him up with the big dogs outside. So my sister and my mother went back to Robinsons Galleria, and they saw Mocha. They bought Mocha because she’s a crossed eye dog, and they think that other people might not be good enough owners for her and because she was really small. She’s what people call, the princess type Shih Tzu.

After how many months, Sweetie died. We think that it was the carpenters that poisoned her. And they thought we would give her meat to them to snack on. It was really so depressing at that time. I remember how she was gasping for her last breath and suddenly her eyes became so dark and all. So after a year, my mother’s friend gave us another puppy, her name is Snow, she’s a Japanese Spitz puppy. She was really strong and playful in a harsh manner. My father wouldn’t approve anymore because we had four dogs to take care of already. But of course, my siblings and I wouldn’t take no for answer so after how many weeks, my father finally approved. After how many months again, my mother’s other friend, was selling her Maltese, because she was going to Korea and no one would take care of her. So my mother agreed. My father didn’t even say a word, when we got her. Her name is Milky. So after how many months, I was about to graduate elementary. And one of our maids told my mom that Snow is pregnant because of Waffle. We told our father, and so he made a decision that when Snow will give birth to the puppies. We would give the puppies or rather we sell it. So, it was the time that Snow was about to giver birth.

Her first puppy was Lucky, well because when Snow gave birth to her she jumped off the bed. And the puppy fell; at first we thought it was dead. Our maid told us that she would live. Just give her some towels and heat. After that she gave birth to seven more puppies. I wasn’t suppose to go to school that day, But I have to, because I would miss my graduation. In order I’ll tell you
their names. Lucky, Miki, Bailey’s, Jumpy, Fatso (because he’s really fat), Snuffle (his fur on his left eye is white, and on the right is grey, a bit of the combination of Snow and Waffle), Choco and the youngest is Kiwi. We placed them on my room. They had their own towels, thermos, vitamins and powdered milk and even a maid just for them. After how many weeks, we transferred them to my older brother’s room. At that time they still don’t know how to walk, but their eyes are already open. And they are just the most amazing creatures you have ever seen. When they tried to walk, most of them fell or slid. My father saw that it wasn’t easy for us to give them up. So again he approved, on one condition. They would stay in the laundry, our laundry is big so they can go and play around, and not inside the house. They even have their own helper to take care of them

After three wonderful years, a guy, gave our driver an American Cocker Spaniel, her name is Coffee. After how many months, Milky gave birth to a Shih Tzu named Charcoal, Waffle, fathered this dog too. She’s pure black and I mean black. We again took care of her. After that we brought in Aiko from our farm. She’s so beautiful and she’s so playful. After that we took care of five cats and all but only one survived, His name is Cloud. He thinks his a dog too because he plays with Charcoal. And he thinks that he too could bark. My mom brought in two new kittens, because some other people threw them, and so, my mom adopted them. When Cloud saw them, he got angry and all because he thinks his a dog. Snow, Waffle, Mocha, Milky, Charcoal and Cloud sleeps on the Masters bedroom together with my father and mother’s bed.

We have a farm in Linapew La Union, Philippines and there we have other dogs, most of them belong to the farm and three of them came from Bulacan and Malibay (places in the Phil.). One of them was from Bulacan. Two of them were from Malibay. The female one gave birth to five but two only survived, after how many weeks again, my mother told us that two new dogs were coming from Masbate,(island in the Philippines) so last Monday April 25. 2009. Smith and Queenie were given to us. Still we’re looking for homes for them. All of our female dogs were ligated, it’s to control them from giving birth to more puppies. And still even though we have ligated our dogs, we can’t seem to stop getting more abandoned pets. They just keep on coming.

Uhm, what I learned from my pets is that, if you want a dog, because it’s cute, don’t buy it. If you think the dog needs a proper home rather than the pet shop or street, then you should pick it up or buy it. Just be sure to take good care of them. Don’t treat your dogs only as guard dogs. Think of them as family, because dogs too have feelings, when you try to hurt them. They too know what pain is. That statement goes the same for cats and for all animals, big or small. I’m sorry to say but I despise a person who hurts animals. We think of them as low life people. We do this because we love animals. We even feed our neighbors dogs. We even made a shelter for them outside our house. Just try to imagine a dog being butchered for its meat (very common in the Philippines). Why not just let them be. Did they do something to you?

Well, that's it, its a bit long..But yeah..I just want everyone to know that animals are living creatures too, just like us.

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