14 week old boy puppy

i have brought a 14 week old pup and he has started to hump me on my arm my back if im siting or anywhere he can get to me,is is normal for a puppy that young to come on heat?

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Sep 09, 2010
You can break this habit quickly!
by: ScooterMama59

Your little boy is doing one of two things: first he has learned this from his parents or siblings and is practicing his manhood. Or he is trying to show you who's boss and dominate you! YES, JRT's are very good at this game!
So, what you need to do is: when he starts this, pick him up and look him directly in the eyes (get his attention) and tell him in a very firm voice, NO! If he starts again, repeat this until he quits behavior.
Also, if it is more of the "I'm the boss", then you need to: as soon as he starts this, roll him over on his back gently, look directly into his eyes and tell him in a very firm voice, NO!
You must let him know that this is unacceptable behavior and that you are the BOSS!
Once again, repeat until the behavior stops.
The reason you don't want him doing this, is that he will do this to "Everyone" you know. Also, he needs to know what the pecking order is in your house. He's not the boss and won't be-- coz' you are!
Let me know how things go. This works, but you need to be persistant and do not let up until he stops!
stef, belgium, NATO

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