Jack Russel

11 month old

by deborah

hi i have a 11 month old jrt male been done

he has just started in the last few months dripping wee and wetting his bed at times again he has just wee all over the floor for no reason
how often should a 11 month old go for a wee and any suggestions i am with him all day and have 2 other dogs bitches they have been done as well

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Nov 05, 2010
by: kingsweet

hi taken him to vet and has urine infectio thanks for your comments any ideas on eating poo of other dogs

Nov 05, 2010
by: ScooterMama59

I think that one of two things might be going on. First, the surgery to fix him might have caused a problem. I have only seen this in females, but I'm sure this could happen in a male as well.
Secondly, he could now just be marking his area after being neutered.
I personally would take him to be looked at with your VET because the leaking/dribbling is not marking. The urinating all over the floor sounds like he is not waiting to go outside to do his business or he's showing his manhood!

At 11 months old he should be taken out every 2-3 hours, but if he's having this leaking problem you might make it every 1-2 hours.

If he actually has a bladder problem from the surgery I would highly recommemd the WhizDog for him. He can go to the bathroom at anytime on it. You can see it on WhizDog.com and it has been a lifesaver for my girl Ginger and all the dogs I sit.
Let me know how he comes along and I hope this helps and things get better soon.
Stef, Belgium, JRT Lover from Texas!

Nov 05, 2010
11 months old
by: Anonymous

It sounds as though there could be a urine infection, so see your vet asap to save further problems, and all dogs need to have a wee at least every 4hrs or so.

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