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    Angel Abbey
    The Little Jack Russell Gift from God

    By Lorrie Sebranek
    (continued from page 1)

    One day my dad was out riding his bike in our neighborhood.

    When he was on his way back home he heard this little clip-clip-clip-clip noise just behind him.

    When he turned around there he saw a little out of breath puppy following the bike as best as it could.

    dog storiesShe didn't have tags so we didn't know if somebody had just dumped her, or if she had mistakenly gotten away from some worried owner.

    We let her into our home....she drank some water....and then collapsed on our living room floor panting away.

    My mom had called me on my cell phone to tell me to wake up (I work nights) and quietly come down to the living room. When I arrived I found this little itty bitty ball of white fur.She was so precious!

    dog articles We kept her for the time being. But my mom had previously stated that she didn't want another dog for a while, having recently lost our little beloved weenie dog to pancreatic cancer (partially due to his love for people food).

    But soon after we got Abbey, my mom fell sick and was hospitalized. Sadly, two weeks later she passed away.

    During that time we did the best we could to find Abbey's owners and really put our heart into it (even though we didn't really want to) after my mom's funeral.

    dog talesA month later no one had claimed her. It was then we knew we had a dog...actually an angel. Right away we got her shots and spayed her... and have had this precious angel with us ever since.

    To this day I believe Abbey was sent to us because she knew that we were going to need her. I thank God every day for her.

    Thank you for letting me tell you my story of our Angel Abbey.

    Lorrie Sebranek

    And thank you Lorrie. Wishing you and Abbey all the best.

    Okay, more great stories about dogs needed! And don't forget the photos if you have some you'd like to share.

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