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Jack Russell Terrier Puppy Videos

Welcome to more of the cutest picture Jack Russell Terrier puppy videos we could find.. We've found some really funny ones for you to enjoy.

You might want to bookmark this page to return for more updates. I'll be adding and changing these videos all the time...and all for the pleasure of my fellow JRT-lovers out in the great webisphere.

So just press play and enjoy!

Who said Jack Russell's can't get along with other dogs.  In this video witness the fearless Jack at play with another dog.  Our Jacks just never tire out.  And of course, they never show any fear. It's 100% play, 100% of the time no matter who is over for a play date (even when he is 10x your size!)

In this video our Jack's natural curiosity comes out as he just can't make heads or tails of this toy dog.  Will he figure it out?  What is he thinking?  Does it really matter to our Jack since play is play? Watch the video and see.  I bet he can go on like this all day.

Meet Barry the Magnificent Extraordinary Jack Russell Terrier Puppy
He's a puppy that knows what he wants and where he is going.  It's a Jack Russell on a mission to explore, and there is no stopping him now.

You just have to say Awww to the picture Jack Russell Terrier puppy group in this video. It will make you want to run out and bring more Jack Russells into your home.  No really, how can you stop at one Jack Russell pup when 3 are 3x the fun (or something like that).


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Now its Your Turn to Share.  Please help by sending us your favorite picture Jack Russell Terrier shots or videos here and we'll be sure to post them for all to enjoy.  Help us add to the thousands of pages of Jack Russell pictures, videos and information found throughout this site.  It's amazing  how popular Jack Russell Terriers have become in countries across the globe.

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