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Successful Jack Russell Obedience Training Tips and Techniques

The Three Basic Commands in Jack Russell Obedience Training

Obedience training in dogs involves having your Jack follow three basic commands in order to be in control of the relationship between dog and human:

  1. Come to you on command
  2. To stop doing an unacceptable behavior
  3. To lie down, wait for you, or stay in place
It sounds simpler here then in practice, but when you think about it this way the key is to have your dog understand when to above these three.  The key is to have you as the owner provide your Jack clear confident instructions.

Avoid training methods that use harsh punishment, since a Jack Russell is intelligent and will not respond well to this approach.  Training needs to come out of a respectful relationship and an understanding of a Jack's natural genetic traits as a companion and hunter.  Better to use a combination of praise and ignoring your Jack than punishment and humiliation.  

Tip: Understand what motivates your Jack Russell and step it up as a reward when acceptable behaviors are performed.  For example if your Jack loves food, provide a premium food such as a liver snack to show your dog that they did the right thing.

Choose Your Dog Obedience Method

There are a variety of dog obedience methods available.  Some use force and punishment, while others use rewards.  We prefer the gentler methods to avoid encouraging aggressive behavior. Before choosing a trainer, be sure to ask about their methods so it matches your taste.

Head Halters: A Recommended Jack Russell Obedience Training Method

For example, we recommend the use of dog head halters when training.  With these types of halters, dogs receive a signal when they get too far ahead or way from you by applying slight pressure when a do gets out of line.  You can then pull up on the halter when commanding a dog to sit and pull it down or side if your Jack Russell in engaged in an unacceptable behavior. When the Jack follows your commands, provide a reward that is meaningful to your Jack, be it a favorite food or praise.  

Tip: If using food as a reward, keep it variable, meaning don't use it every time.  Mix it up so your Jack Russell Terrier doesn't always expect a food reward.

Be Consistent

Require your Jack Russell to exhibit one of the aforementioned three behaviors in order to receive ordinary events such as food.  For example, use the sit command before feeding.  Be consistent in everything you do as part of your Jack Russell Obedience training routine.

Obedience Training for Adults vs. Puppies

We understand that adults may have picked up some bad habits.  That said, we would still recommend the positive reinforcement techniques described above as an alternative to techniques that use negative reinforcement such as choke or spiked collars.

Other Comments on Canine Obedience Training

Some people find it difficult to train a Jack Russell. Jack Russell Obedience training requires some thorough understanding of the dog. These dogs are intelligent working dogs though some may get upset with this breed. If only they have enough information on how to train this dog, then only they can carry out the training process smoothly. You should not punish your dog is it has something that you don't like. Instead of punishing him, you can ignore him for sometime which will eventually stops him from doing such mistakes.

Jack Russell suffers from separation anxiety when left alone for a long time. He always wants to get his owner's attention and when neglected he feels bad. When the dog is having anxiety attack, he usually whines, paces, chews, scratches doors and window sills and barks without any reason. Other signs of this separation anxiety include vomiting, diarrhea and constipation. These signs are seen when the owner neglects the dog for a longer time. So, Jack Russell Obedience training includes socializing the dog as much as possible and spending time with him every day. There are various techniques that will work best to address this anxiety problem. You can take your dog for a walk for fifteen to thirty minutes. This will keep him energetic and he will not feel depressed even when you leave him alone for few days.

Jack Russell Obedience Training

Jack Russells make an ideal hunting companion. They have high energy levels and some open place in your backyard will be the perfect place for him to carry out his search operations. They make good family pets as they immediately alert the family about the strangers. They even become aggressive towards the stranger, but they rarely exhibit this quality. Jack Russell Obedience training will not be complete without socializing. You need to socialize the dog when he is brought home and since he is a good dog with intelligence, he tolerates the presence of children and others when the owner invites them.

As Jack Russells are highly energetic, apartment life may not be suitable for them. They need space to burn up their energy. Apartment life leads to boredom and hence these dogs may play spoil sport. So, during Jack Russell Obedience training, train them to behave normally even in smaller places. If you have a yard with a fence, they will enjoy the place a lot. These dogs love to run freely and they will also burn off the excess energy by running.

Jack Russells require minimum grooming and removing the dirt from his coat is also quite simple. You can use a sturdy brush once or twice a week to get rid of the dirt from his coat. Russells are healthy and hearty dogs. They may require some medical attention for their eyes and ears. Deafness may develop if you are not taking proper care of the ears of the Jack Russell. Take him for a nice long walk daily to keep him healthy. He will be happy in his owner's company and also when trained properly he mingles with people very easily.

Have A Dog Obedience Training Question or Some Tips to Share?

Do you have a dog training question or suggestion? Please Share it, even if they are basic dog obedience training tips! And hey, it doesn't have to be about Jack Russells. Any kind of dog breed is good reading here!

As an aside, sometimes a little education goes a long way in helping to train your dog or to get smarter about the topic. We highly recommend the on line course offered by Dove Cresswell. You can view a free sample dog training video lesson here.

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Dogs Behaving Badly by Dr. Nicholas Dodman (best book on dog training we have seen)

Dove Cresswell (click for free online training session - also highly recommended)

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