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More Funny Jack Russell Videos!

And now, in these funny Jack Russell videos there's even one of my own Annie gobbling water out of the garden hose!  View these antics from the most intelligent dog breed on earth.  No wonder we can't live without our Jacks!

She loves water sprayed at her...little weird dog.

And then there are others I have obtained for your pure pleasure and enjoyment. So sit back and watch...and laugh. The first one, of course, is my Annie.

Quiet on the set, action!

This next one shows how Jack Russells love to please and enjoy doing things for their masters. Look how fast and energetic a Jack Russell can be, and how eager they are to please. They're also really pretty easy to train. Really cute!

I like this one too, but I thought he'd never let her have it!  Look at that Jack Russell Terrier mind at work.

These are a couple of really good friends. I love this one.  Jack Russell Terriers and the love of their owners expressed beautifully.  If you are considering getting a Jack Russell, you'll have no doubt after see this video.

This is one of my favorites. This little kid will have a hard time playing with his cars with this Little Jack around!  It shows how a Jack Russell and family life go together perfectly.  It's a play date between a toddler and a Jack Russell.  Look how alert and engaged the Jack is.

This Pug is a good match for this Jack Russell.

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