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Why does my JRT try to guard my elderly father?

by mary
(chicago, IL USA)

I have a JRT, a neutered male 4 yrs old. He has begun viciously attacking me at bedtime and keeps all members of the household barricaded in their rooms until I give him a treat. Once he has the treat all is wonderful, he sleeps with me and is a perfect darling. He seems to try to guard my elderly father's room and will not allow me to enter his room. If I try he attacks with a vengeance. We are not talking about nipping here. Had I not protected myself with a pillow he would have ripped me to shreds. Help!

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Jan 04, 2010
by: Anonymous

I don't think you are supposed to give treats when they are behaving badly. You need to stress the fact that you are the "pack leader". Maybe watch the Dog Whisperer or Victoria on It's Me or the Dog!

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