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Two white JRT's itching like crazy in summer

by Jeffery Adam Corr Sr
(Oceanside, California)

My poor poor puppies, actual ages are 6 & 8, but they are still my puppies, itch during summer months. They itch so much they have wore the fur away, by the way one is a smooth coat and the other is a broken coat. Took em to the vet and was told that they were allergic to fleas and was given antibiotics and some stuff for the allergies. Funny thing is, they do not have fleas and if fleas are seen we treat them with advantage. By the way the antibiotics and the allergy medicine did absolutely nothing. We tried various hotspot sprays as well as ear and skin cleansers. We also tried adding fish oil tablets on their food, which by the way is Beneful, and because this itching problem is only evident in the summer leads me to beleave that it is not the food. I hope someone has some ideas as my poor poor puppies are scratching their selves to a state of misery for them and for us. Please help

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Oct 11, 2011
Beneful is Junk food!
by: Anonymous

They may be allergic to the Beneful you are feeding them. It is not real food, and the heat this summer could have increased the itching which is why you are just noticing it now and they are scratching themselve raw.
Look for a food that list meat and rice/vegies as the first ingredients and see if anything changes.

Sep 11, 2011
by: Carol Fowler

I have two little ones myself, one short-haired and the other long, but I have found that by mixing Avon SkinSoSoft and water, half and half, and spray it on their coats after a shower. That they not only stop itching but the mosquiteos and flies don't bother them as much. Hope this helps you.

Aug 09, 2011
two jrts itchy
by: Anonymous

I have told a few people about cod liver oil pills,it helps my little dog

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