Jack Russel

Skittles Ears of JRT

by Deb
(Hutchinson Ks)

Horse ears

Horse ears

She had little floppy ears when we got her now they stick straight up ....but we still love her radar ears

Her biting is a problem though

Any suggestions

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Dec 17, 2007
by: Anonymous

my jack's ears are just like this too! everyone says that it gives him personality, like he needs help in that area!

Dec 07, 2007
Biting Problem
by: Pics & Tics

Yes Deb, it does sound a bit like over-excitement.

It does need to be stopped because it could develop into worse behavior if not discouraged, and yes, puppy teeth do hurt!

It is good that she's still young. What I would try is when you're letting her in and when she attempts her first nip at you, stop in your tracks, push her head away from you, say a sharp NO, and place her back outside the door. Wait a moment, then let her in again and repeat the process if she begins to nip again. Do it as many times as needed in that setting, and each time she enters after that.

She might get the idea and realize you are not going to allow that kind of behavior when entering the house or she won't get to enter. But make sure you do the process with identical steps so she recognizes the pattern. And do it calmly and without viciousness but with authority.

They want to be good, they just need a little help sometimes.

Good luck!


Dec 06, 2007
Skittles Ears
by: Deb

Skittles nips and bites and chews everything
Why? Only thing I can think of is her getting overly excited...Even when I let her in the house she bites at my feet or legs

She has plenty of toys and other things to chew on.
Believe me those puppy teeth do hurt

Any help for me ?

Dec 06, 2007
Radar Ears
by: Pics & Tics

Deb, that's what happened with my Annie. As a pup she had the perfect little fold-over ears. Now...well she looks just like your pup's.

But yes, I couldn't love her more.

As far as the biting goes...could you tell us a little more about what is the circumstances of what will cause her to act this way?

Thank you for the beautiful picture of your prick eared girl.


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