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Skipper, our JRT, walks 3 legged after napping

by Susie

He is about 10 months old and over the last month or so I have noticed this. He will limp on his right front leg or carry it. Does anyone know what may be going on with him?

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Jun 15, 2008
by: mary-harborview jrts

I would first strongly suggest you take Skipper to your Veterinarian for an exam for this problem. He may need an xray. If I were to guess and remember this is a guess, not a medical diagnosis which SHOULD BE DONE BY YOUR VET, it sounds like maybe a pinched nerve problem. Does Skipper jump for frisbees or balls at this age or was their an injury or yelp during play or jumping before this started? It's not a typical problem you would see in a 10 month old puppy so again I strongly very strongly urge you to see your Vet.

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