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problems with fighting

I have a three year old jack russell that I keep inside and he always wants to fight my outside dogs and my sister's dog. HE HAS ALMOST GOTTEN KILLED BY THEM. I LOVE HIM VERY MUCH AND HE IS MAKING ME AN EMOTIONAL WRECK. What can I do to prevent him from fighting.

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Oct 24, 2008
Fighting Problems
by: mary harborview jrts

Jacks can be same sex aggressive and if you are occasionally just putting your jack out into these other dog's territory, you are just asking for trouble. If it is such a problem, don't do it. Try walking one of the dogs with your dog at a time. Let them get to know each other. But just putting your dog outside in their territory and be outnumbered you are asking for problems.

Feb 19, 2008
problems with fighting
by: Mila Dorotea

It seems that he is not socialized.

Dogs are pack animals and he does not belong to that pack. Start with having them see each other daily at a distance with a barrier between them. I know a Lab that was not socialized and would growl at all dogs. I had the owner, with the dog on a leash, daily, visit the dogs at a 30 foot distance. Over 3 months, gradually decrease the distance as the dog tolerates. Now, the Lab plays off the leash, with our dogs. She is now part of the pack

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