Jack Russel

Prick Ears

by Leigh
(Stuttgart, AR USA)

Spot Man

Spot Man

I was actually looking for information on Prick Ears when I stumbled across your website so I thought I would submit my Spot. He has Prick Ears but I don't think it hinders him in any way — actually I think it just gives him more personality. He is three years old. We are newlyweds so he is our only child. He gets all of our attention, which with a JRT that is probably not a good thing, haha. He can be way grouchy at times, although, he can be way loving at times. Never before owning a JRT it is amazing to see this little guys personality bloom. We love our Spot Man.

This was his Christmas present that he got too early, but he loved it nonetheless.

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Jun 06, 2010
prick ears
by: china's mom

My baby has the same ears and I think it just makes her MORE special. "The better to hear me with"...LOL

Jan 27, 2009
Yay Spot
by: LesleyV

Spot is a super cool dog despite his purebred misfortunes! He always lovely around me, although he can get a bit overexcited and lick my face, causing my own strange-eared dog to get jealous! Haha!

Jan 27, 2009
by: Grandmother

He's my grand-dog and I love him very much! The newlywed's went camping with us last summer and guess where Spot decided to snuggle down for the night? In bed with Grams', of course.

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