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Pregnant Jack

by Sharon

I have a Jack Russell mix and she is pregnant. When should we expect puppies?

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Jun 10, 2008
Pregnant Jack

ONE more thing. Check with your Vet as to the cost of whelping out a litter at the office and also the cost of a C-section. Be sure to put this money away for the chance you will need to have a surgical whelping. (c-section) Also put away money for the tails and dewclaws to be removed and for vaccinations and the possibility of problems with the puppies. I just had a litter and spent over $600 on one of the pups that eventually had to be put down at 5 weeks due to a fault in the esophagus that was not genetic, but simply a fault that mother nature had everything to do for and was not able to be diagnosed definitely until the puppy was being weaned. It's expensive to have a litter of pups. Don't expect to make a large amt of money. Be prepared to lose sleep. Also make sure you set up a whelping room away from the noise of daily life when your female whelps. Make sure the temp in that room is about 78-84 for the first week as the puppies do not regulate their body temp at that time. Get yourself a pad of paper and keep records. Know how to remove the sac, make sure a placenta comes with each puppy or at least you see the same number of "after-births" as you have puppies. An xray tells you how many pups so you know when she is done. This is not always perfect but it gives you a better idea. That way if the xray tells you 4 and then after 3 puppies you see your female stopping her labor for too long you know she is in trouble.

Good Luck!

Jun 10, 2008
Pregnant Jack


First of all you need to know on what date she was bred, then count 63 days. Delivery should be within a few days of that. Do not let her go longer than 65 days. You should take her temp and a week prior to the 63 days you need to start taking her temp twice per day, morning and night. The temp will drop to 98.l or around there and may go up the next day and then drop again. When it drops you are usually within 24-48 hours of whelping. You definitely also need to get an xray of her by your vet about a week prior to the 63 day date to check on the pups, sizes and the bitches ability to pass these pups thru her pelvis area. You really and I strongly urge you to take her in to the vet now. Let the doctor examine her and maybe can help you determine an approximate date of whelping, make sure your bitch is in good health.

How old is this mom to be? Did you purposely breed her, (being a mixed breed, why?). Are you feeding her puppy food, you should be. As her pregnancy progresses, you will need to feed her smaller amounts, more frequently during the day. You should also speak to your vet about Calcium.
And definitely if you have never whelped a litter, ask your vet is they are available on an Emergency basis and if you can bring her in when she starts stage 1 of labor and whelp her out at the vets office. You must talk to your vet now and get as much information as you can now. There can be so many problems and danger signs that you must be aware of prior to whelping to insure you do not lose your female or the pups. Read as much as you can. get books, and by all means TALK TO YOUR VET NOW.


May 26, 2008
Puppy Delivery Date...
by: Charlene & Mike' (Mee-kah)

I remember when I had an expecting dog, she waited until everyone in the household was around before she started thinking about delivery. So watch her, if it starts being about that time, she may want all family members at her side to guide her through to an easy birth. Be sure that if she doesn't, you or someone MUST break open the sacks that the puppies arrive in, otherwise, they will not make it. As with humans, a dog needs someone to help her out a little bit! Good luck!!!!!!! Be sure to get some pictures online so we can see the results!

May 22, 2008
Good Luck!
by: Laurie Ann Powell

Pregnancy in dogs (all breeds) lasts about 2 months: 60-64 days. Good Luck to you. I'm sure it will be very exciting to experience the birth of her pups. You can go online and google lots of information about pregnancy and delivery, etc. Just go to google.com Congrats!!

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