Jack Russel

Miniature Jack Russell

by Tony
(Beech Island, SC)

Miniature Jack Russells for sale for $125.00 Each in Beech Island, SC. Brindle, White, Tri, Cinnamon and a Black. 803-302-9174

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Jul 20, 2011
dwarf JRT
by: Tatiana

Hello, I from Russia (excuse, if my English not good)
Once in Bulgaria I saw dwarfish JRT, He was not more 6". It was a miracle! Say me please where I can find puppies such dwarfish JRT?

thanks for answer


May 08, 2011
Negative Much
by: Anonymous

Muts make the best dogs for those of you who don't know. My family has seen many diffferent pure breads, and not saying they are bad dogs, but muts are much easier to train and they are much more loving. ALSO, selling jacks for 125, crossbread or not, is cheap. Purebreads sell for up to 500 dollars and then some. I think this guy knows what he is doing. He has his own website anyway, and granted anyone can make a website, he obviously had a goal in mind when he created it with so much detail. Some people are just so snobby.

Jan 19, 2010
by: Anonymous

He is producing mutts; pure and simple. By the description of the dogs he has available, that is obvious. Not only is this person contributing to the dog overpopulation problem but, he is attempting to pass these mutts off as Jack Russells which clearly they are not.

Real breeders work hard to produce puppies that are excellent examples of the breed. This person was either very careless in allowing his female to breed with "Heaven only knows what" or, he was out to make a quick buck. Either way, I have absolutely no respect for him.

As for your reference to genetic problems, cross breeding does NOT eliminate these problems. All that cross breeding accomplishes is to produce puppies with the genetic problems of both breeds.

Jan 19, 2010
Get a grip
by: Jillian

To th comments above, leave th guy alone! He may b producing cross breeds, but there r many hereditary problems in pure bred toy dogs, and just as many of them in shelters. My crossing chiuauas and poms etc with jaks, yes it is a 'designer dog' but they r stocky, strong little dogs - less likely to have the inherited bone disorders of the weaker pedigree pooch!

May 20, 2009
Mini jacks?
by: Tara

According to what my breeder has told me, there is no such thing as a miniature jack russell. These dogs are cross breeds. Granted, some jacks are smaller than others. Mine stands just over 10 inches high at the shoulder. She is what is referred to as a shorty - longer than she is tall. However, that certainly does not make her miniature.

My feeling is that you are breeding "designer dogs" and passing them off as pure bred. That is false advertising and only adds to the pet overpopulation problem.

Jul 11, 2008
by: Mary-Harborview


There is no such thing as a "miniature". What did you breed to produce this? Sounds like you might have bred chihuahua and jacks to get something that small. So you are actually charging that money for a mutt!!!!! Do you not think about genetic faults, messing up bone structures etc? Why would you want to breed something that may have problems later on due to bone structure problems? Aren't there enough mixed breed dogs in the shelters being killed everyday because no one wants them, and people did not spay or neuter their pets, let them run free, or want to see what kind of pups they would get if they mixed this with that then end up putting them into shelters only to spends time before their time is up and they are killed because someone didn't want them. I just can't understand purposely breeding a mutt then charging money for it. You are trying to make money on pups that are found by the thousands in shelters. What a shame. Leave the breeding of quality, genetically tested, conformationally correct dogs to the people that want to improve on a specific breed not ruin it so someone can have a little "pocket pet" or "fashion accessory". Take a trip to the shelter, volunteer there, you may rethink what you are doing.

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