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Lucky, the JRT and Max, the newborn...

by Michael
(Kansas City)

Sheri and Lucky

Sheri and Lucky

We have a new son in the home (10 days old) and Lucky, our 7-year-old JRT has been doing fine, until tonight. To preface this, know that I have been very aware of Lucky's comfort and sensitivity with having a new one at home. We've borrowed children, let Lucky play with them, had a newborn for a few nights, and played baby sounds. The two days before we brought the baby home, I took a blanket from the baby's room (and that he had been wrapped in) and put it in his space at the doggie day care. At home, I've played with him quite a bit, more than usual. Tonight, we were going up to bed and we noticed that Lucky had peed on my wife's spot of the bed where she feeds Max. We don't want any issues. What happened and what can we do from here on out to help Lucky with the adjustment to Max? Thank you.

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Nov 13, 2008
Dogs and Marking
by: Anonymous

Is it possible your pup smelled a little pee pee residue where you feed your baby? If so he may have been trying to mark over the spot, common for such territorial dogs, some even develop a fetish!

However, it is extremely important your Jack knows his place in the family. Don't baby him. Any exhibition of dominance over the newborn cannot be tolerated, use time outs or deny the dog attention as punishments. Jack Russell's don't accept physical abuse without retaliation even when it is unintentional. Be careful when they are close, don't let the baby poke, grab or pinch the dog. I know this may sound crazy but you can begin laying a foundation for teaching your child how to behave around animals even at such a young age.

Show the baby to be gentle with the dog and make sure the dog is gentle with the baby and you'll all be sitting pretty! Good Luck

Nov 09, 2008
by: Anonymous

Congratulations on your new baby. Are you able to walk your JRT regularly? I'm so sorry you are having difficulty. I suppose they will feel misplaced by a new member of the family. Maybe you should look into the Dog Whisperer website and see what he says. Cesar is wonderful with all dogs. Hope things improve quickly. I think Jacks like a lot of attention and I know mine needs to walk at least 40 minutes every morning. Did he used to sleep in your bed?

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