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JRT's and Ohio Winters

I have a friend who just got a JRT puppy and is talking about keeping him outside when he gets older, even during our Ohio winter, which can be extremely cold. Are these dogs able to withstand cold temperatures? I'm trying my best to talk him out of it and keep him inside. Thanks.

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Jun 18, 2011
JRT's and Ohio Winters
by: iloveedogss

Anonymous, She never said it was her dog so read question properly.. I know someone who has a wirey haired JRT that stays outside during the warm summer and freezing winter and rainy months.. (all year round)... And he's doing perfectly well even with a small plastic kennel tho he has no blankets or anything.. Hes used to it now since he's been out there since he was 4 1/2 - 5 mnths and hes now 4 years old.. Good luck :) I dont agree with him being outside with no blankets but he still survives.. He'll be fine..

Mar 30, 2011
jrt's and ohio winters
by: Anonymous

Why would you want to keep a poor defenceless dog in the cold?Give him to someone who would love him.

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