Jack Russel

JRT Biting

by Roger Higson
(Blythe, CA )

We have a 1 year old JRT (not fixed) and he is biting us. He bites my wife on the face for no reason. She has had him since he was 5 weeks. He can be loving and the next moment growling and biting. We have another older JRT who is so loving and just kind. The dogs are not fixed. Should we have them castrated?

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Aug 13, 2013
I love Jasper NEW
by: Margaret Harvey

Yes mine is called Jasper. He is now 13years old. His mother was loved and passed away less than a year ago. His dad was like my Son and he died at 15 years old, 6 years ago.

Jasper was reasonable for taking his fathers eye out. This lead to an early death. So we have put up with a lot. James my husband has many scares. The worse on his face, from Jasper. When friends drop in with kids, we put Jasper in the garage or fit a soft muzzle.

Jasper was one of 3 puppies. We gave Jasper to my Sister, gave Jasper's Sister, Amber to my Mother and kept one girl, Amy. So we had Mum (Kellyann), Dad (Beethoven) and Amy. (3 wonderful Jack Russels). Jasper and Amber went to good homes.

Very soon after Jasper, going to his new home, Jasper started to byte. It just became worse as he got older and bigger. (For some reason he is bigger than his dad Beethoven). Jaspers Granddad was big chested and Jasper took after him. So at the age of 6 we needed to decide weather to put him down or take him BACK.

Hay Jasper is now 13 we love him but he still bytes. I wish I could say he was getting better but I can only say we have found better tricks. Tricks to handle him. We love Jasper!

PS: He hates to be ignored. So that is a best tool we have. Just to do nil. Strange.

Email: kellyanndog@gmail.com

Jan 18, 2009
Re: Biting
by: Anonymous

We have a Parsons Russell who came from the local rescues centre. I would advise seeking some professional help on how to tackle this problem before it gets out of hand (or somebody out side your home gets bitten). Our boy has shown a few dominant/aggressive signs (unfortunately a common trait in this breed) and has needed consistent boundaries to allow him to settle. Avoid lap sitting, excessive picking up, cuddling and bed sharing. Insure that he knows what is acceptable behaviour and what isn?t. I would never suggest physically punishing dogs as a) it is inhumane and b) it just doesn?t work, but removing the dog from the area he is being dominant in and isolating for a short time can have results. Make him work for the things he wants i.e. if you allow your dog on the sofa then make him sit and wait before getting on. As hard as it is try to avoid showing any fear or nervousness towards the dog as this will only increase his anxieties. Above all remember you are pack leader and the dog should do as you expect.

P.S it is also good to remember that although these dogs appear wonderfully cute they are far from lap dogs and it is their high kill instinct, boldness and sheer stubbornness that makes them such good workers.

Dec 01, 2008
Jack Russell Biting

My JRT is fixed and it didn't stop the aggression I only got a hefty vets bill. I am just always on my guard with him and don't hold him too closely to me. I wish I knew how to solve this, but he's my boy for good or bad so I have learned to live with it. xx

Dec 01, 2008
JRT Bites Me Too
by: Anonymous

My Jack Russell bites me too. If I try to take something from him. The aggression he displays is terrifying for a small dog. He is like your wife's dog, very loving. He sleeps on my bed and if I move or get up to go to the toilet, he will attack, this comes from nowhere. It's like Jekyll and Hyde. He does this when he is asleep and gets disturbed, then when he wakes up he doesn't seem to know what's going on and starts whining. Sometimes if I try and lift him for a cuddle he will bite, it happens so fast you don't see it coming. I have thought of everything, even the unthinkable, but I love this little chap and could never part with him. I am afraid to bring my new granddaughter into the house because I don't trust him. I have read a lot about JRT's attacking their owners and its always put down to the owners fault or lack of training. When a Jack Russell turns on you, you don't see it coming and there's not much you can do, it's frightening.

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