Jack Russel

Jack Russell Eyes

by Lisa Hunt
(Huntsville TX.)

Do some Jack Russell Terriers have blue eyes?

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Feb 23, 2013
Trixie and Pinkie
by: Barbara B.

Pinkie is 9 yrs old today. She is a solid white, short haired Jack Russell.Also, she has blue eyes and is completely deaf.I taught her sign language. Her mother Trixie is 11 with ginger color spotted ears.I know they are mine but they are beautiful. They will turn everyones eyes whereever we go.Pinkie looks as tho she has mascara around her eyes.These dogs are so smart.Trixie realized my seizures before I did. We have raised two grandchildren since birth-ages 5 and 7.Pinkie knew immediately when either baby cried.Yes, they have alot of energy but they are totally the best dogs that I have had. Thank you God for your gifts! Miss Trixie is so special! Our vet thinks Pinkie reads lips. Maybe? It is difficult to realize Trixie's age.

May 09, 2012
Rosie blue eyes
by: Anne Harrison

My Jack Russell puppy Rosie has the most blue eyes I have ever seen in my life or any Jack Russell dog. She so beautiful.

I was a bit worried as someone told me she may go blind. I hope not. That would be so sad for her but it would not stop me from loving her. I did not know that Jack Russell’s had blue eyes. She has the same colour eyes I do. That is so nice and special.

Apr 02, 2011
Blue eyed Jack
by: JackFan

I just adopted a 3 year old rough coat Jack with brilliant blue eyes. She has excellent vision and hearing and has light brown ears and several spots on her body. She may be a mix, I'm curious
about the possibilities. Her personality and temperment are pure Jack. (I've owned several) I could post a picture if I knew how.

Oct 03, 2010
In memory of "Blue"
by: Joe Russ

The first time I met Blue he was only eight weeks old. The child in the home at that time named him blue because he had one blue eye and one brown eye. With his pure white coat and fun loving dispostion I adopted him. For 13 years we had a great time with him. Extremely smart dog, it was almost like he understood what we were telling him. Unfortunately he died on 9/27/10 of bone cancer. He will be terribly missed. Someday I'll find another Jack Russell with a Blue & Brown eyed and I'll named him "Blue-2".

Jan 29, 2010
Spca Jack Russell
by: Carol

I have A Jack Russell dog we rescued from our Local SPCA. he is wonderful. He has one blue and one brown eye. He is such a love, His ears are not folded either. However, we do not care. He is the best dog ever

Oct 02, 2009
Blue Eye
by: Anonymous

My JRT is pure white and has one blue eye. He's thte best dog!

Oct 05, 2008
Jack Russell Eyes
by: Necie314

Yes, JRTs can have blue eyes. My Trixie has the most beautiful blue eyes. She is also pure white. The normal thought is that pure white with blue eyes will be deaf. Her hearing was tested and her hearing is just fine. BUT her blue eyes make her non-registrable. Blue eyes are not an acceptable JRT trait. She has every other JRT personality trait known to man. But she cannot be registered. But I wouldn't trade her or her blue eyes for anything!

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