Jack Russel

Is She Pregnant?

by Shannon
(Ottawa, KS USA)

I have a lab and Jack Russell mix. I think she could be pregnant, well I saw her do the do. But its been about 3 or 4 weeks. I just cant tell. Do you know how long a dog like that would be pregnant? She's a few pound's over weight to begin with anyway. I can't be spending money on no ultrasound. We could be having puppies OH MY GOD! Is there anyway of telling besides weight gain?

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Sep 23, 2011
by: Sarah Miller

if you cant be spending money on ultra-sound scan or spend money at all!! you should have taken responsibility before it happened and had her spayed!!... people like you really get on my nerves!!!

Nov 25, 2008
Is She Pregnant?
by: Mary-Harborview jrts

How old is she? and of course the classic questions... Why wasn't she spayed before this could happen? Gestation for dogs is 63 days give or take a couple. You can just wait, but that's not the greatest idea if you want to make sure your Jack Russell lives thru the birth. Being a lab cross litter I STRONGLY URGE you to take her to your vet ASAP and ask him to palpate her for puppies. SHE NEEDS AN ULTRASOUND to be sure the size of the puppies can pass thru her pelvic area. THIS IS SO VERY IMPORTANT. It is cheaper than an EMERGENCY C-SECTION where can lose her and the pups. You don't want her to suffer thru labor for hours trying to push these pups out herself. You need to get some information about things to watch for and problems that could arise during labor from your vet. THIS IS SO VERY IMPORTANT I CAN NOT STRESS IT ENOUGH.

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