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by Macadamia

at what age does a female jack Russel get heat? and when does it stop?

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Oct 02, 2010
by: ScooterMama59

Hello again,
Sorry, I forgot part of your question.
The heat starts and lasts for approximately 3 weeks. I would suggest buying the smallest diapers and cutting a small hole where the tail is. They stay on better and are less expensive. Also, don't forget to take them off for poochie to go and do her business. Really! I forgot once.
Never let her out of your sight for a minute when she goes into heat. Not even in the backyard, without watching her. Dogs come for miles to see her (the smell is very strong) and it takes no time at all for her to get pregnant.
Thanks and I hope this answers your questions!
Stef, Belgium

Oct 02, 2010
by: ScooterMama59

The heat question can be a bit tricky. The female usually begins this cycle when they are 9 months to a year. After the first heat comes the next one might be at 6 months and possibly at 9 months. If you do not breed the female, I highly recommend she be spayed around one year old.
You never want to breed your female until she is 2 years old and the male is about the same age.
The survival rate for the female and her pups is better if you will breed at 2 or older.
Plus, you want adult dogs having babies, and not babies having babies!
Enjoy that puppy and GOD bless Big TENN!
Stef, Belgium

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